Major Takeaways:

  • Envelop VR has hired Jeff Hansen as a VP of Business Development.
  • Hansen’s role will be to engage with enterprise customers, helping solve real business challenges by utilizing a VR environment.  Improvements include work flow processes and efficiencies, data visualization, or engineering collaboration in product development.
  • Envelop VR is the creator of the Envelop Virtual Environment (EVE), an immersive computing platform for Windows content and applications, as well as VR-specific applications that have been developed.
  • This has helped enterprises across industries improve their processes while not having to invest in major new systems, since EVE is compatible with existing Windows applications.
  • Hansen has more than 20 years of experience, authoring alliance or licensing deals with some of the biggest global brands and consulted at the C-level for dozens of enterprise clients.

From the Press Release:

BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Envelop VR, a software company that is leading businesses to immersive computing, announced today that it has hired Jeff Hansen as Vice President of Business Development. Jeff’s primary role will be to engage with enterprise customers wanting to solve for real business challenges by utilizing a virtual reality environment, including improving their work flow processes and efficiencies, visualizing data, or collaborating on engineering or product development. Envelop VR solutions enable enterprise customers to unlock the tremendous benefits and advantages of working and collaborating in a three-dimensional virtual environment.

Envelop VR is the creator of the Envelop Virtual Environment (EVE), an immersive computing platform for pre-existing windowed PC content and applications, as well as new VR-specific applications that have been developed. EVE allows users to use their computer while in a VR headset. By computing in a virtual reality environment while in VR headsets like the Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE, users have greater functionality and benefits that they would not otherwise have with a typical two-dimensional flat screen computer.

For enterprise customers, this means that Envelop’s software can help leverage their existing assets and data models within virtual reality. EVE allows users to view and manipulate their data three-dimensionally, unlocking more knowledge, detail and information that will help solve business challenges faster and with greater results, all while simultaneously interacting with multiple applications and other data sources for better real-time and cross analysis. EVE also enables real-time interaction with 3D assets, either in stand-alone viewers or within the native environment of many leading software applications.

Many industries, including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, energy, architecture and industrial design, are finding that working within a virtual environment, with tools and applications that they are already familiar with and have invested in, allows them to take advantage of the benefits of VR without major investments in new platforms. Ultimately, the visualization and interaction available in VR opens many new avenues for leading enterprise customers.

“Envelop’s software allows enterprise companies to seamlessly transition into virtual reality because it gives them the platform to use their current computing functionalities and existing applications, but with the additional benefits that will allow those tools and data sources to perform at an optimum level,” said Roy Taylor, AMD’s Corporate Vice President of Content & Alliances, Radeon Technology Group. “This will significantly help solve a number of work flow and business challenges for a number of companies in a variety of industries.”

Envelop has hired Jeff Hansen to lead business development efforts for its enterprise business. With more than 20 years of experience bringing products to market all over the world, Hansen has authored alliance or licensing deals with some of the biggest brands and consulted at the C-level for dozens of enterprise clients.

Previous to joining Envelop, Hansen was VP, Global Sales, at Lytro where he led the expansion of their presence into 20+ countries, and was an evangelist for their 3D Light Field capabilities that are now informing the company’s direction in VR capture and video. Prior to Lytro, he was a co-founder and managing director of The Ananya Group, a management consulting company based in Redmond, WA, that worked with Microsoft, as well as numerous high-growth consumer companies, leading go-to-market plans, global expansion, strategic planning, business development, distribution, retail and partner strategies. Hansen has also held GM-level roles in Europe and in the U.S. for gaming companies, IT service providers, Cloud CRM solutions and computer peripherals manufacturers. He has served as a Board member or advisor to five companies.

Throughout his extensive career, Hansen has worked in 40+ countries, speaks several languages, and has an International MBA from Thunderbird, but he still feels VR will be the ultimate global experience.

“Nothing compares to the potential of immersive computing and the VR experience,” said Hansen. “It is game changing – a true inflection point like the PC, Internet, HD or digital photography. Even more exciting is the opportunity to help enterprise customers solve real business problems in VR.”

About Envelop VR

Founded in 2014, Envelop VR is creating software that enables enterprises to work in an immersive, 3D virtual environment. Envelop VR is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Bob Berry, who studied virtual reality in Japan in the late 90s, and chief technology officer Jon Mavor, who has spent the last two decades in the video game business developing advanced rendering technologies. Envelop VR is based in downtown Bellevue, WA. For more information go to www.envelopvr.com or email us atinfo@envelopvr.com.