Major Takeaways:

  • AltspaceVR launches their mobile experience on Samsung’s Gear VR, allowing users to navigate through social experiences alongside multiple users all in the VR space.
  • This represents a slight shift for AltspaceVR, and highlights an attempt by them to bring their social platform into a mobile context.
  • The company’s focus will continue to be on tailoring the right events and games to best serve multiple users in the same VR space.

From the article:

,,,there are plenty of companies succeeding in strengthening the social potential of VR. One of the coolest companies doing so, AltspaceVR, just became even more accessible today as it launched its mobile experience on Samsung Gear VR.

The concept of virtual reality being used as a digital meeting space is one of many concepts being flirted with by app developers as a major future use case. The distant idea that in a few years we may be able to kill teleconferencing as we know it and look someone in the eyes as we chat has been replaced by the idea of us being able to do (and create) almost anything together in a purely digital space.

While we wait for the future, what users can do now in the AltspaceVR app is still a lot of fun. The app contains several virtual spaces that multiple users can meet in to play board game-style games, compete in quiz shows or do something less active like watch some YouTube videos together or share content from the built-in web browser. Users can do all of this while navigating these spaces and having real conversations with friends.

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