Major Takeaways:

  • Vital Enterprises announced that Mike Gardner has joined as the company’s chief executive officer.
  • Gardner brings greater than 40 years in enterprise software and will oversee Vital’s strategic direction and operations, as they work to meet the growing demand for Vital’s unique smartglasses software platform.
  • Gardner’s career path includes early work at IBM, a stint at GE-venture startup Industrial Networking, and more recently ran sales and operations at Sybase, later acquired by SAP.

From the Press Release:

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (Marketwired) — 01/26/16 — Vital Enterprises, an innovator of software and services for smartglasses, today announced that Mike Gardner has joined as the company’s chief executive officer. Gardner, a seasoned executive with more than 40 years in enterprise software, will oversee the company’s strategic direction and operations as the company meets growing demand for Vital’s unique software platform for smartglasses. By giving technicians, surgeons and supporting personnel hands-free access to essential information during the work process, the Vital platform increases productivity, reduces risk, improves quality, streamlines processes and reduces costs. The Vital platform is being adopted across precision manufacturing and healthcare enterprises.

“We’re thrilled to have Mike at the helm as we move into our next phase of growth,” said Ash Eldritch, co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Vital Enterprises. “Mike brings decades of experience growing companies and driving success in emerging areas of technology. He’s passionate about Vital’s technology and the role of smartglasses in the next evolutionary state of healthcare and manufacturing. His unique ability to anticipate customer needs is an important skill as we strive to make smartglasses part of everyday workflows in these industries.”

“We went through an extremely rigorous selection process to choose our CEO, and Mike is hands-down the most qualified and experienced to lead Vital Enterprises,” said Jagjot “JJ” Singh, member of the board. “He has the optimal mix of experience and vision to accelerate company growth and bring value to customers and employees.”

Gardner pulls from an accomplished career focused on customer service and company growth. In his early career at IBM, he led a business unit responsible for over $1 billion in revenues, which sold complex solutions to large companies in manufacturing and other related industries. Later he led sales and marketing at Industrial Networking (INI), a GE venture startup that was acquired by Ungermann-Bass. Gardner built a successful distribution strategy and drove INI revenues to nearly $20 million within 24 months. More recently, Gardner ran worldwide sales and operations at Sybase, which was later acquired by SAP.

Vital Enterprises provides a complete software solution that turns wearable devices into powerful tools that connect skilled workers to their enterprise knowledge resources, team members and experts. By delivering critical information and support to the point of work, Vital enables workers in precision manufacturing and medical environments to leverage real-time information and support on hands-free, glanceable displays. Vital is unique in its ability to deliver information across every critical step of the work process. It streamlines production workflows, reduces risk, improves quality, controls costs and improves ROI.

Gardner commented, “The time is right for smartglasses to take their place alongside other important technological innovations in large enterprises. The Vital software platform, along with smartglasses that are built for enterprise environments, represents an opportunity to greatly improve precision manufacturing and medical procedures. I’m excited to lead Vital as we expand our market penetration and help more companies benefit from smartglasses and the Vital platform.”