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Major Takeaways:

  • Aesthetic Interactive unveiled an interface method called Hovercast, using devices from Oculus Rift and Leap Motion.
  • Hovercast is a customizable menu interface for virtual reality applications, with the user’s open hand as the menu.

Digital Agency Network reports on Aesthetic Interactive’s latest VR interface, using a setup that combines Oculus Rift and Leap Motion, but with a slicker interface.

From the article:

Hovercast is a customizable menu interface for virtual reality applications. It provides menu navigation, buttons, sliders, and toggles – all using simple, reliable gestures.

The developers say the interface provides proximity-based item selection, button and slider options and hierarchical menu navigation.

But even without putting the interface to the test, the fact that more companies are taking the initiative to combine the Oculus Rift with the gesture capabilities of the Leap Motion is another indication that the next step in virtual reality adoption is beyond mere visual immersion. Developers are planning to get human body to fully interact with these virtual environments.

Check out Digital Agency Network for the full article.