Major Takeaways:

  • Augmedix improves physician practice efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy, according to several doctors who use it
  • Google Glass with Augmedix streamlines the process of seeing patients and eliminates the need for dictation
    • Saves time related to pulling and updating patient EHRs (electronic health records), improves patient interactions and experiences

A sampling from Physician’s Money Digest:

James Ringler, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon in Grand Rapids, MI. He says that using the smart glasses has worked wonders for him and his practice.

“The bane of my existence since I started practicing has been dictating,” Ringler says. “[Google Glass] has been a way I could streamline the process of seeing patients and generating the encounter with that patient.”

Augmedix pairs physicians with Google Glass and a team of trained health consultants to automatically document patient visits and ease the hassles of working with EHRs. Forms, health history, lab orders, prescriptions, and more are easily recorded using verbal notes and commands, and Augmedix does the charting.

Ringler says the technology has enabled he and his practice staff to be more efficient, more effective, and more accurate.

“I think we provide better quality care to the patients, honestly,” he says. “We all know that, especially when you’re giving out difficult advice or you’re talking about a complication, patients hear some of it but not all of it. And it’s not unusual for patients to call back a day or two later to have some clarification as to what we talked about. Now my office staff has immediate access to this.”

Face-to-Face Interaction

Tyler Smith, MD, an orthopedic surgeon based in Roseville, CA, has had a similar experience. He explains that patient visits are now much more focused on the conversation and interaction between him and the patient. He’s also able to save about two hours each day to see patients that had otherwise been reserved for paperwork…

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