Major Takeaways:

  • Calgary Herald spotlights ScopeAR and its usage of augmented reality as a tool to educate workers on industrial processes.
  • Interview with founder David Nedohin highlights the challenges of building AR into the industrial workspace, and the strategy the company has used in raising capital and improving their product.

The Calgary Herald interviews ScopeAR CEO David Nedohin about his company, his background, and where he hopes to take augmented reality.

Calgary Herald spotlights ScopeAR as their Startup of the week.

From the article:

Scope AR uses augmented reality (AR) to provide step-by-step interactive and visual guidance for training and maintenance purposes. The product can be used to overlay instructions onto any equipment being worked on. You simply download the application to your smartphone or tablet, connect to an expert in real-time, and the expert is able to draw on and annotate anything you are looking at. As you move your camera, anything the expert has added — arrows, text, custom-made 3-D models, etc. — stays locked onto the right place…

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