Major Takeaways:

  • Six15 received orders for $1.1 million worth of wearable displays; a sizable order that is representative of a “much larger longer term opportunity” – Six15 CEO, Richard Ryan
  • Partnered with ADS, a US Department of Defense contractor
  • The displays will be used with tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance receivers to provide unmanned aerial vehicle video information on the battlefield
  • Six15 plans to grow revenue “20 to 25 percent next year” and is expanding its reach

From the report:

The firm has partnered with ADS; it has orders valued at $1.1 million

A local electronics manufacturer has partnered with ADS Inc.—a U.S. Department of Defense contractor—to provide wearable displays that will show video feeds from drones on the battlefield.

Six15 Technologies—previously called Vuzix TDG—has received orders valued at $1.1 million for its wearable displays, the company said last week.

The Henrietta company’s wearable displays will be used with tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance receivers to provide unmanned aerial vehicle video information on the battlefield, officials said.

“(The deal) really is the platform,” said Richard Ryan, CEO and president of Six15 Technologies. “We’ve just built the first step to probably a very big, long-term opportunity with that particular group. All the work that was done wasn’t necessarily just for this first order it’s really around the long-term growth that it represents.”

The firm plans to grow revenues 20 to 25 percent next year. It also is expanding its reach, officials said.
“I think for us we’re in a bit of a transition and we will be for the next 12-18 months,” Ryan said. “The challenge for us is to continue to deliver at the same quality level that we always have been and have been known for while starting to explore commercial opportunities.”

Six15 Technologies’ experience was a major selling point for ADS, officials said.
“Their technical capabilities and level of customer service, coupled with their unique ability to rapidly adapt, enhances ADS’ ability to offer the very best solution to the warfighter,” said Justin Boyle, a senior business development manager at ADS, in a statement.

Six15 Technologies expects working with ADS to directly increase its sales.
“ADS is a great partner because they have access to some contracting vehicles that we do not and they also bring to the table a huge amount of resources,” said James Donnelly, vice president of business development for Six15 Technologies. “They’re a sales force multiplier and we anticipate having a great relationship with them going forward and having our sales grow exponentially with them over the next year.”

Wearable technology is becoming more popular, Ryan said.

“Even though it’s a sizable initial order, it’s more representative of a much larger longer term opportunity,” he said. “And (it is) an indication that a wearable display doing the things that it does is starting to gain more traction and more acceptance to a broader audience.”

Six15 Technologies operates at Summit Point Drive in Henrietta. It employs 24 people with 22 of those staffers based locally. Rochester will continue to play a major role in the company’s future.

Six15 Technologies was formed in 2012 with the acquisition of non-commercial assets—the tactical display group—from Vuzix Corp. for $8.5 million by TDG Acquisition Co. LLC.

“With the recent announcement of the photonics center being started here, we’ll be able to reach more companies,” Donnelly said. “With those relationships that we build in leveraging the resources of the photonics group, we may be able to bring many more of these contracts to Rochester.”

About Six15 Technologies

Six15 Technologies is the world leader in researching, developing and manufacturing wearable optical displays. Six15 Technologies develop both off-the-shelf and custom smart glass solutions for Fortune 500 companies and government and defense agencies. We specialize in high-resolution, head-mounted displays (HMD) and optoelectronic module(OEM) manufacturing. Located in Henrietta, N.Y. our 9,000 square foot production facility manufactures OEM components for thermal imagers, industrial display systems, R&D projects and custom computing and display solutions. Six15 Technologies is at the forefront of wearable solutions for the defense industry, public safety, security, medical and first responder markets globally with about 250,000 wearable optical modules delivered and integrated into OEM’s systems.


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