Major Takeaways:

  • VRStudios landed a $700,000 investment this week, bringing its total funding to $1.3 million since March 2015.
  • Much of the organizational structure still needs to be hashed out, but senior management is still pursuing an even larger round of financing.
  • The company already says their services are being used in construction, gaming and aerospace industries, with potential for expansion.

GeekWire reports on a recent funding round for VRStudios, and the company’s plan to expand their product line

From the article:

VRstudios tells GeekWire that it’s not quite ready to come out of stealth mode right now, but it will be making a public debut soon. In the meantime, it continues to raise money and has lined up a few big-name clients — including arcade giant Dave & Buster’s.

VRcade was founded first four years ago, but VRstudios recently grew out of that startup with a much broader mission. The organizational structure of the company is still being refined.

Filings with the SEC show the company scored its latest $700,000 investment this week, bringing total funding to $1.3 million since it got started in March. The company —led by CEO Charles Herrick, a former IBM manager, CFO Chris Smith, a former Hewlett-Packard VP of finance and chief revenue officer, and Brian Vowinkel, a former vice president at US Bank — is working on a larger round of financing…


Head over to GeekWire to check out the full article, as well as video demonstrations of the VRDesign and VRcade.