Major Takeaways:

  •  is in the process of closing a $20 million deal with Hyderabad, India-based start-up Amaze Infotainment.
    • In addition to an investment, there will be significant knowledge transfer in the area of education, edutainment and advertising between the two firms,
  • Part of the deal includes setting up 2 interactive digital centers (IDC’s) in India, focusing on skills development and knowledge-sharing.  The IDCs will employ more than 400 people.
  • Amaze also plans to roll out more AR/VR technologies from the 2 IDCs.

From Business Standard:

…Besides fund infusion, the partnership will involve VR- and AR-based knowledge transfer in the areas of education, edutainment and advertising, Managing Director Bajrang Shah told Business Standard.

“As part of the deal, Amaze Infotainment will set up two interactive digital centre (IDC) networks for EON in India, focused on skills development and knowledge-sharing areas. The two IDCs, which will be located in Hyderabad and possibly at Gurgaon together employing 400 professionals, will be up and running within the next four months,” he said.

Amaze Infotainment would work in tandem with EON and roll out futuristic VR- and AR-based technologies from the proposed IDCs for the global markets, he added…

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