Major Takeaways:

  • Google Glass 2.0 will be aimed at the enterprise market
  • Reported to be water resistant, durable, foldable like a standard pair of glasses
    • Less buttons on the device than the first version of Glass
  • Rumored to launch by end

From the Mashable article:

Google Glass 2.0, which will be aimed at the enterprise and workplace, will reportedly fold up like a regular pair of glasses.


According to a 9to5Google report, Google Glass 2.0 will also be water-resistant and sport a more rugged design.

The report says the new rugged design is “built to withstand normal drops and bumps” and will also have fewer buttons and ports. The “Explorer Edition” of Google Glass only has two buttons: the on/off button and a camera button.

Unless Google plans to remove the touchpad on the side of Google Glass, which is used for navigation and can be tapped like a button, there aren’t many buttons to remove in the first place.

Previous reports state Google Glass 2.0 will come with a larger viewing prism, a more powerful Intel Atom processor and improved battery life.

Google Glass launched as a beta product in 2013. The company invited a select group of “Explorers” to purchase Glass for $1,500. The invite system was later lifted and the augmented reality glasses made available for everyone to purchase, until they were discontinued earlier this year.

After acquiring Nest Labs, Inc., makers of the Nest smart thermostat and Protect smart smoke detector, Google tasked the company’s CEO Tony Fadell with redesigning Google Glass.

Google Glass 2.0 for the enterprise is rumored to launch by the end of the year.