Major Takeaways:

  • Catchoom announces the launch of its On-Device Image Recognition solution at the Augmented World Expo.
  • This launch allows developers more freedom to create apps that use image recognition to bring up content even when their users are offline.
  • Catchoom CEO David Marimon highlights new use cases for app functionality — including a “second screen” for enhanced TV viewing, and offline information gathering.

Yahoo Finance reports on Catchoom’s enhanced app functionality, as the company continues their quest to refine their image recognition suite, all to keep up with the creativity of application developers.

From the article:

The On-Device Image Recognition tool enables specific commercial use cases that are not possible with apps that require Internet connectivity. Catchoom CEO David Marimon explains that, “With On-Device Image Recognition, Catchoom’s technology now opens the door to a whole range of previously impossible image recognition use cases.”…

All the tools in the CraftAR toolbox – On-Device Image Recognition included – are praised for their strong image recognition performance, even in environments with low light, high reflection, difficult angles and long distances to objects.

In the words of CEO David Marimon, Catchoom will “continue to fine-tune our suite of image recognition tools to keep up with the incredible creativity of app makers everywhere, who are constantly dreaming up new ways to help users interact with brands.”

Head to Yahoo Finance for the full report.