Major Takeaways:

  • Leap Motion’s OSVR Headset is getting a peripheral: an optional faceplate that allows for hand tracking via an embedded camera.
  • The add-on will support projects built on the Leap Motion SDK using the Controller, and let developers pass video from the camera to the display.
  • Projected pricing for the add-on will be in the $80-100 range, with the OSVR headset priced at $199.

From the article:

The open-source OSVR virtual reality headset is getting one of its first peripherals in the form of an optional faceplate that brings hand tracking to virtual reality projects via an embedded camera.

Powered by Leap Motion‘s sensors and software, the add-on will support projects that previously took built on the Leap Motion SDK using the company’s Controller. It’ll also let developers pass video from the camera on to the display, making it easier to give users some idea of the space around them while still wearing the headset…

The faceplate will be available from Razer’s store for the OSVR Hacker Dev Kit when the headset goes up for pre-order in May. Though Leap Motion declined to mention its launch price, it will likely fall somewhere in the $80-100 range as its Controller and bundles.

Given the OSVR’s $199 price tag, grabbing both will probably cost less than purchasing a $350 Oculus Rift developer kit and Leap Motion’s controller and headset mount if you’ve got an idea for a VR experience that could benefit from precision hand gestures…

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