Major Takeaways:

  • Computer Weekly highlights the various ways in which Virtual Reality is becoming more user-friendly, including reduced hardware costs, lowered barriers to entry, and more enterprise usages, highlighting Virtalis as an example of a company who has found demand in the industrial setting.
  • Virtalis was contracted by BAE to assist in the development and construction of Astute-class submarines.
  • Other uses include using Facebook’s Oculus Rift and a Microsoft Kinect sensor to develop a natural control system for a robot arm.

Computer Weekly discusses the many ways in which VR has matured into a cross-industry product tool.  It spotlights work done by Oculus and Virtalis.

From the article:

Virtual reality is even going beyond the visualisation stage of design.BAE Systems recently used a product development virtual reality system by Virtalis to assist in planning the construction of the Astute-class submarines.

Instead of creating physical prototypes, 3D virtual models were viewed from cabins positioned on gantries surrounding the submarine, replacing the need for expensive physical models.

Virtual reality is also finding uses in disaster management, where trainees are able to experience high-impact/low-probability events….

…Nasa is currently experimenting with an Oculus Rift headset and Xbox Kinnect motion sensor to develop a more natural method of control system for a robot arm. Using the virtual reality headset allows the operator to gain a greater understanding of the environment in which the robot arm is operating.

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