Major Takeaways:

  • Thalmic Labs has begun shipping its Myo armband to early supporters for $150.
  • Myo armbands are equipped with version 0.4.0, and doesn’t support iOS or Android. However, it can connect via Bluetooth to your computer.
  • Most functionality is pretty simple these days, but there is potential as the app can function with iTunes and Netflix, and 3rd party developers are working on supporting multiple platforms as well.

Geek reports on Thalmic Labs shipment of Myo Armband, and the potential for its technology.

From the article:

Much like the initial pre-order, this is the kind of thing you should participate in if you are interested in seeing the evolution of the tech. By no means is Myo complete, and it’s going to be a little while before we really start to see the armband do things that are particularly interesting. Myo has the potential to offer gesture controls where things like a Kinect sensor wouldn’t work, but depending on how comfortable you are wearing this band all the time, it’s not obvious to see how useful this tech is going to be to everyone. As a $150 toy that is only going to get better with time, this is a very cool thing to see out in the wild.

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