Major Takeaways:

  • The traditional shopping experience is undergoing a digital revolution, with experiential marketing technology helping retailers create unique in-store experiences.
  • Zugara is enhancing their virtual dressing room with the Virtual Style Sense (VSS): allowing consumers wearing a retail garment to cycle through additional colors and styles, without having to change clothes.
    • This is Zugara’s attempt to reduce the cost for retailers having to render into 3D every single piece of inventory, providing a lower cost go-between for brick and mortar businesses.

Mashable discusses new trends in experiential technology in the retail space, highlighting Zugara’s Virtual Style Sense technology.

From the article:

Matt Szymczyk and his team at Zugara are working to increase sales conversions by making enhancements with their virtual dressing room, but still require consumers engage with in-store textile. In its pilot, the Virtual Style Sense (VSS) technology increases inventory and choice for consumers, without taking up additional retail space…  

…”The problem with the virtual dressing room and in-store augmented reality experiences is asset creation,” Szymczyk says. “Every piece of inventory would have to be textured and 3D-rendered and then engineered to interact and fit on vastly different body types in a real-time experience. That would assume $2,000 to $3,000 per inventory item, and once you start thinking about that as a cost each season, you’re talking big numbers for retailers right now. VSS provides a unique in-between phase for brick-and-mortar businesses.”


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