Major Takeaways:

  • The Container Store has been piloting Theatro’s wearable, hands-free communication device in some of its stores, and the company has been so pleased with the results that they plan to roll out the devices across its entire line of stores.
  • With Theatro’s customizable communication groups, The Container Store wants to create subject matter experts, which workers can leverage to real-time answers to customer questions.
  • Theatro and The Container Store have also discussed how the associated cloud system could replace the employee time-clock system, and integrate with inventory data and customer information systems.

From the article:

…Like a lot of retail companies, The Container Store uses walkie-talkies, but about nine months ago, the company took its first steps away from those two-way radios and started piloting the Theatro Wearable Computer in its Austin, Texas, store. This small gadget enables hands-free voice communication over Wi-Fi networks, among other things.

While The Container Store is only using the Theatro Wearable Computer in one store, the gadgets have already revolutionized the way its salespeople communicate. John Thrailkill, The Container Store VP of store systems and business development, says the company has been so pleased with the results that it plans to roll out Theatro Wearable Computers across its entire lineup of stores in the coming years. Thrailkill also thinks The Container Store is just starting to realize the true potential of the device…

The simplicity of the wearable is its main advantage, according to Thrailkill.

“You’re not having to grab a device, swipe it, put in a passcode and open up an application to then be able to enter a command,” he says. “You’re just touching the device and then saying a command, and you’re able to do it right away. With how much communication we do through the stores, having a dedicated device, at least for now, is by far the best way for us to work.”…

…The ultimate goal is for the Theatro system to be deeply integrated with The Container Store’s IT infrastructure and systems. That way, the CEO could, for example, record a voice message with a smartphone or other devices and then distribute it to all retail staffers via their wearables.

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