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Major Takeaways:

  • Marketers, print publishers and retailers are trying out ways to promote their brands on ever-present mobile devices, with specific focus on Augmented Reality.
  • AR is finding fast adoption in the print magazine industry, with programs developed to activate content on tablets that can be viewed only as long as the device hovers over certain print, enhancing the printed word while still keeping it an essential part of the experience.
  • Larger brands are using AR now to captivate consumers and attract them with rich content.  Pepsi and Heinz have worked with Blippar, while Ford Motor Company recently deployed “4D” apps developed by DAQRI at the North American International Auto Show.
  • However, as the technology is still young in its life cycle, it is therefore too early to judge its results.

From the article:

…Some advertisers also see promise in AR, saying the technology has the ability to captivate people with products and compel them to watch branded content intently. Consumer brands like Heinz and Pepsi have worked with Blippar to test the apps on their products…

…But industry analysts caution that AR’s success depends on people finding it easy to use and recognizing value in interacting with videos and graphics. “If the content isn’t brining additional value, then mainstream consumers [aren’t] going to use it twice,” saysTuong Nguyen, a principal with research firm Gartner.

Mr. Nyuygen says he expects great growth in the industrial realm, where AR can sometimes help mechanics fix equipment and warehouse operators find and keep track of inventory. “If something makes someone’s job easier,” he says, “the adoption will be quick.”

AR companies are trying to make it easier for creative executives to make the sort of content that will grab consumers. In the past few weeks, both Daqri and Blippar have released products that can be licensed directly by brands and advertising agencies to build and activate their own AR experiences. Layar has had such a product on the market for nearly two years…

…Consumer brands experimenting with AR are reluctant to discuss if the technology is helping to increase sales. Matthew Szymczyk, chief executive of Zugara, a virtual dressing-room technology that is AR-powered and aims to help digital fashion shoppers, says the technology is too young to judge its efficacy….


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