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VR in media goes beyond gaming.

End Market Overview:

Though VR is often thought of as a platform for immersive gaming, it is also a powerful platform for consuming media of all kinds. This is creating an environment in which many companies can operate in value-added capacities. With a proliferation of VR and AR content comes a need for companies to provide content distribution, advertisement networks, analytics, content recommendations and curation, and monetization methods.

Sample Use Cases:

VR Events Platforms – If VR is the next big thing in media, then there will have to be platforms for consumers to discover and purchase VR content. One player in this space is, which aims to be a sort of “Ticketmaster for VR.” Brands and artists can work with’s platform to produce and distribute immersive content to fans and consumers alike in an enjoyable, meaningful, and revenue-generating way.

VR News Network – VR and AR technology has the power to immerse viewers in content and ways no other platform can. This has powerful implications for news media. The Associated Press is already working to deliver extensive VR content through a partnership with chip maker AMD. The New York Times is also embracing VR as a platform to enhance its leading journalism efforts.

VR Advertisement Networks – VR and AR content has tremendous potential as an advertising platform, with the ability to seamlessly integrate advertisements into a virtual or augmented world. With the introduction of advertisements into the VR space comes opportunities for ad networks, analytics, and more. Just as Google’s Adwords dominates search, players may emerge to dominate ad proliferation and monetization in VR. One company that is an early entrant into the VR ad and analytics space is Retinad VR.

Enhanced Event Experiences – In-person events can be enhanced with VR and AR technology. For example, someone at a sporting event could use augmented reality technology from a company like Blippar to discover new content and unlock augmented reality experiences. Additionally, things like sporting events and concerts will be viewable through VR, allowing for a significantly more immersive experience than the traditional television viewing experience.

Major VR & AR Players:

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