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Augmented reality technology has the potential to radically alter marketing techniques and commerce strategies.

End Market Overview:

Virtual and augmented reality technologies have applications across marketing and commerce and have already begun to impact both spaces in various ways. From simulated tours of real estate to virtual try-on of clothes, the uses of VR and AR technology in marketing and commerce are massive. The ability to immerse a potential buyer of any product or service has enormous potential to marketers in any field, whether they are selling a simple consumer product or highly-engineered capital equipment.

Sample Use Cases:

Marketing – Virtual and Augmented Reality has massive potential in marketing across industries. One space that has seen early adoption of the technology for marketing is real estate.

Companies, like Matterport, are working to make the real estate walk-through a thing of the past through the creation of virtual, immersive tours that can be taken from the comfort of an office chair. Prospective buyers and investors can even view buildings and units that are still under construction or in the planning stages through a VR-enabled tour. Plans can be taken and turned into mocked-up 3D simulations to provide a lifelike simulation of a real estate development that is yet to be completed.

Commerce – Augmented reality technology has found numerous early successes in commerce, particularly through virtual try-on of clothing and accessories. Companies like Total Immersion have helped retailers better sell eye glasses to consumers through their simulated try-on solutions, helping retailers boost online sales.

VividWorks is an innovator in the commerce space, working with manufacturers and retail chains to create 3D design-to-purchase solutions. Its VividPlatform is an innovative, user-friendly, and fully customizable web based 3D visualization and sales management tool. Users can use VividWorks’ solutions to aid in design and planning using both simulated design tools and augmented reality.

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