Defense & Security

The defense industry was an early adopter of VR technology.

End Market Overview:

The military and related players in the defense & security industry were early adopters of VR technology for simulation and training purposes. From flight simulators to combat training grounds, the military has been using simulated environments and technology for decades to prepare soldiers and pilots for combat situations.

With the advent of smart glasses technology and advanced augmented reality solutions, the defense & security space is poised to continue using the technology in innovative ways.

Sample Use Cases:

Augmented Reality on the Battlefield – Augmented reality technology, such as smart glasses, allow for increased awareness and connectivity on the battlefield for soldiers. With additional real-time information delivered to troops in the field, they can make better informed decisions that lead to better outcomes. Six15 Technologies is a leader in providing ruggedized smart glasses solutions to the military.

Augmented reality for defense goes beyond smart glasses. Honeywell Aerospace is working on an AR instrument panel that can replace windshields on next generation vehicles with funding from DARPA. This technology would lead to improved situational awareness on the battlefield. Troops could see real-time pertinent information without taking their eyes off the road ahead, with the display taking in information from drones, satellites, other intelligence sources, and commanders from outside the battlefield.

Training & Simulation – As VR technology improves, flight simulators and combat simulators will continue to get better. Sophisticated VR headsets have the potential to replace complex combat simulation environments and may be able to drastically improve flight simulators and related programs.

Situational Awareness / Security – AR solutions can provide security staff with improved situational awareness. Augmented reality technology can help security staff track key personnel and determine any threats more easily than they otherwise could.

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