Wikitude GmbH

A Leading Mobile Augmented Reality SDK Provider for Smartphones, Tablets, and Digital Eyewear.
End Market(s):  All End Markets

Company Type:  Software Development Kit Company

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Wikitude GmbH is a leading provider of augmented reality software development tools. Its Wikitude SDK, along with complimentary products, enable thousands of apps, brands, agencies, developers, and AR enthusiasts to create augmented reality products. Tens of thousands of developers use Wikitude’s products to develop apps.

Its SDK allows developers to create augmented reality apps for any number of use cases – includeing on Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and digital eyewear.



  • Wikitude has raised significant venture capital financing from Gamma Capital Partners, a leading Austrian technology VC investor, and Tecnet Equity, an investor in high technology firms in Lower Austria.

Product / Service Offerings:

Wikitude SDK – an all-in-one AR solution for developers seeking to build their own augmented reality app. The Wikitude SDK includes image recognition & tracking, 3D model rendering, video overlay, location-based AR, and more. It provides everything a developer needs to create an augmented reality app for Android, iOS, smart phones, tablets, smart glasses, and more. Full feature list.

The Wikitude SDK is sold in four different licensing variations – LITE, PRO, PRO+, and PRO+ UNLIMITED. The latter two require yearly licensing fees and include additional and more powerful features.

Cloud Recognition Service – this service works in concert with the Wikitude SDK and allows a developer to work with thousands of target images hosted in the cloud for programs that require recognition of over 1,000 images. It delivers fast, scalable, and reliable online recognition of images up to 1,000,000 scan calls to the cloud each month in each commercial license.

Wikitude Studio – a simplified augmented reality creation platform that allows for AR program creation without programming abilities. Projects created through the Wikitude Studio can be published within the Wikitude App. To create a separate AR app, the Wikitude Studio must be used in concert with the Wikitude SDK to create, manage, and monitor a separate AR app.

Wikitude App – when combined with the Wikitude Studio, the Wikitude App allows brands and businesses to easily create and publish augmented reality campaigns and projects. It is meant as an option for “non-technical” professionals to utilize augmented reality software. Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Customers:  Developers across every industry can work with Wikitude’s SDK to create augmented reality apps for their companies and industry needs.

Competitors: AugmentaHP Aurasma, Metaio