A Leading Mobile Augmented Reality SDK Provider for Enterprise Software.
End Market(s):  All End Markets

Company Type:  Platform Developer

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Summary:  Augmenta is a leading augmented reality software development kit (SDK) provider through its Augumenta Interaction Platform (AIP) SDK.

Its software is designed with enterprise end users in mind across all end markets. The SDK is used with a number of smart glass platforms, including those from Google Glass, Osterhout Design Group, Epson Moverio, and more. It easily co-exists with AR and gaming toolkits that also require real-time camera access.



Product / Service Offerings:

Augmenta Interaction Platform SDK – the Augmenta Interaction Platform (AIP) SDK  brings hand gesture control and virtual surfaces to the hands of enterprise users. These methods are a robust alternative to voice and touch control, and they enable rich data input capabilities in harsh field conditions.

The SDK is being used on various smart glasses, such as ODG R-7, Epson Moverio, Google Glass and ChipSiP SiME, and happily co-exists with AR and gaming toolkits that also require a real-time camera access.

Developers get to choose between three different APIs: Android Java, Unity3D, or C/C++. The SDK comes with comprehensive documentation and example applications in source code format for each of them to help developers quickly and easily create gesture-enabled augmented reality applications.

The AIP SDK allows for the creation of virtual surfaces, which introduce powerful ways to enter and manipulate data. They use the palm as an interactive medium for the user’s finger. Various widgets can be overlayed on the open palm of the user, who can then use his other hand’s finger to manipulate them in an intuitive way. The Augumenta Interaction Platform provides a number of controls such as buttons, knobs, and sliders. The overlay and its controls are fully customizable, allowing developers to have widgets in various layouts and graphical looks.

The AIP SDK was designed from ground-up to be device agnostic. The Augumenta Interaction Platform can be used on any smart glass with a camera. An easy-to-use high-level API, comprehensive documentation, and sample applications are designed to minimize the integration effort and speed delivery of apps from prototype to field deployment.

Customers:  Developers across every industry can work with Augmenta’s AIP SDK to create augmented reality apps for their companies and industry needs. The AIP can be used to transform field-based computing by providing mobile workers with a tool that turns the concept of augmented reality into practical, powerful applications. Wearable devices help companies improve the bottom line, especially in scenarios in which standard operating procedures need to be followed carefully or the cost of any mistake is high. Augumenta’s interaction solutions make those applications work naturally and intuitively in demanding field conditions.

Competitors: HP Aurasma, Metaio, Wikitude