WEVR is a Virtual Reality community and VR Media Player for Aspiring and Professional Creatives
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Summary:  Wevr creates award-winning VR experiences and are the developers of Wevr Transport™, a revolutionary new independent and open network for VR makers and their audiences. Wevr experiences that recently premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival include theBlu Encounter, animated by Avatar’s Academy Award™ winning animation director Andy Jones, Waves featuring Reggie Watts, Irrational Exuberance created by Ben Vance, and Hard World for Small Things starring Keith Stanfield. Wevr was founded by Neville Spiteri, Anthony Batt, and Scott Yara, and is based in Venice Beach, California. 

Wevr believes virtual reality has the power to alter people’s lives more than any other medium to date. Its immersiveness has the potential to deliver memories that stick. As a result there is a remarkable opportunity for new kinds of storytelling and experiences. Every day Wevr pushes the boundaries of VR both technologically and artistically, bear hugging independent creatives from different disciplines as they produce and distribute groundbreaking content together.

Wevr thinks one of the most effective way they can serve this nascent medium is to create community. To provide a platform for VR creatives to showcase their work, grow an audiences, and encourage dialogue between the two. Wevr is doing this with Transport™, an independent curated VR network where brave VR can be shared, experienced and celebrated, on all headsets, worldwide.

Wevr sees a monumental opportunity ahead. To inspire and win over the greatest storytellers of our time, provide them with a platform to tell their stories and engage audiences in a very big way.



  • Wevr received seed funding of an undisclosed amount in January 2012, with a $500,000 debt financing later that year in March.
  • Wevr raised a $2.5 million Series A round in April 2013, led by Palantir Capital, Digital Garage, Spiegel Capital Management.
  • Wevr also raised funding through a convertible note in July 2014 in $750,000 amount.
  • In subsequent funding rounds, Wevr raised $10 million in July 2015 from HTC Corp, and $25 million on February 5, 2016 from Dragoneer Investment Group, Ross Levinsohn, Scott McNealy, Boldstart Ventures, AME Cloud Ventures, Digital Garage, Orange Digital Ventures, Evolution Media Partners, Samsung Ventures, and HTC Corp.

Product / Service Offerings:

  • Wevr Studio: Wevr has engineered camera capture systems since the nascent days of VR video.  They have developed their own toolkit of best-practices to deliver presence with zero nausea, for both 360video on mobile HMDs and room scale interactive VR on PC/console based HMDs.  Wevr has a one-size-fits-all set up, working with a range of cameras including GoPros, machine vision cameras, REDs, and new systems coming to market, all so that their pipeline is camera agnostic.  Working with Unity, Unreal and their own proprietary Transport Engine, they are able to create room-scale, interactive VR experiences, that give the user an added opportunity to move around in an immersive volume, leveraging the sophisticated input controllers provided by the HMD device manufacturers.
  • Wevr Transport: Wevr Transport™ is a VR content network enabling VR storytellers to share their works and audiences to discover them.  The technology allows for high performance video playback and CG rendering interoperable across all headsets, simple VR content publishing, private file sharing and downloads, as well as a stats and analytics dashboard.


Competitors: NextVR, Rewind, Vrse