Vrse Creates Custom-Built Tools and their Own VR app to Create and Distribute the Most Innovative, Story-Driven Experiences in VR Today.
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Summary: Vrse is a leading VR company, whose mission is to tell extraordinary stories in virtual reality. Vrse uses custom-built tools and their own VR app to create and distribute the most innovative, story-driven experiences in VR today. Vrse was founded by director Chris Milk and technologist Aaron Koblin – both renowned for their innovative, industry-leading work – and are best known for their high-profile collaborations with The New York Times, the United Nations, Vice, Saturday Night Live, and artists like U2. Vrse’s goal is to push VR forward with ground-breaking experiences that explore and expand the medium’s potential. As Chris said in his 2015 TED Talk, Vrse believes that virtual reality has the power to connect us in a profound way. Through virtual reality, we can become more compassionate, more empathetic, more connected and ultimately, more human.

Sister company Vrse.works is a production house, representing a world class roster of directors for VR content creation. Founded by Milk and award-winning producer Patrick Milling Smith, Vrse.works produces all of Vrse’s VR films, as well as bespoke VR experiences for corporate and non-profit clients.



  • Vrse garnered seed funding of an undisclosed amount in October 2015 from investors Marker and Andreessen Horowitz.
  • Other backers include YouTube co- founder Steve Chen, Raine Ventures, Marker LLC., Tribeca Enterprises, Annapurna Pictures, Legendary Pictures, and Elisabeth Murdoch’s Freelands Ventures.

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