Aesthetic Interactive

Creator of Stunning Experiences via Exceptional Software.
End Market(s):  Media & Entertainment, General Business Services & Productivity

Company Type:  Services Companies

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Aesthetic Interactive is a Michigan-based software developer and design firm focusing on highly creative, challenging projects.  Their development process strives to ensure seamless coordination in project development, design, creative process, communication, and overall project management.

Founded in 2007, Aesthetic Interactive has worked with clients and teams from across the globe on a wide variety of projects.  In addition to client work, Aesthetic Interactive undertakes in-house software projects to continuously sharpen skills, explore technologies, and create new experiences.



Product / Service Offerings:

Aesthetic Interactive Services  Design services focused in VR software development, with project tagging along with consulting and project management expertise.

Customers:  Featured Projects

Competitors: WorldViz, Cubicle Ninjas, Rewind FX