Recon Instruments

Augmented Reality Glasses Platform developed for Sports.
End Market(s):  Sports / Athletes, also works for Enterprise with select software partners

Company Type:  Platform Developer

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Recon Instruments develops smart glasses and goggles for use by athletes. Recon believes that athletes can do better if they have real time access to key metrics. The company is a leader in smart eyewear for sports, having sold over 65,000 units across four product generations as of January 2016.



  • Acquired by Intel in June 2015 for a reported $175 million

Product / Service Offerings:

Recon Jet – built for athletes, the Recon Jet provides vital information to athletes at a glance. It provides instant data that doesn’t interrupt the flow of activity during training or crowd out your view.

It has an intelligent display that is the equivalent of a 30″ screen viewed from seven feet away. Crisp and vibrant in all lighting conditions. Recon’s patented Glance Detection Technology wakes up the device automatically when a user looks down, and turns off again when the user looks away to minimize distraction and maximize power efficiency. Its built-in camera captures photos and video instantly with a double tap.

The Jet has a smartphone-class processor with on-board GPS and a comprehensive sensor suite, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, barometer, and magnetometer. Additionally, it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities and can pair with smartphones for caller ID, message notifications, and other features.

ReconOS – the ReconOS for Jet enables real-time activity tracking, syncs stats to the cloud live, interfaces with third-party sensors and smartphones, and lets you snap pictures mid-workout. A straightforward, swipe-based interface ties it all together.

ReconOS is open to app developers, thanks to its Android foundation and Recon’s open SDK, allowing for custom third party apps to be created and distributed for the Recon Jet platform.

Recon Snow2 – a next generation Heads-Up Display built for alpine sports. A powerful wearable computer built for the harshest conditions, with an ultra-compact HD display, a 1 GHz dual-core chip, onboard sensors, and a six hour battery life, the Snow2 delivers instant information on key performance data and achievements direct-to-eye in real time. Additionally, it provides onboard resort maps and a compass to provide a user with expert guidance wherever they are on a mountain.

Recon Engage – Engage is an app built for use in tandem with Recon smart glasses products. It acts as a hub for tracking and visualizing your stats, for sharing live workouts, and managing information dashboards.

Customers:  As of January 2016, Recon Instruments has sold over 65,000 units to athletes and enthusiasts. The company was sold to Intel in mid-2015.

Competitors: Google Glass