NVIS Designs and Manufactures Virtual Reality Displays that Allow Users to Visualize and Interact with Simulated 3D Environments.
End Market(s):  Education & Training, Defense & Security

Company Type:  Enterprise Platform Developers

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  NVIS manufactures professional virtual reality displays that allow users to visually explore and interact with simulated 3D environments. Their products can be found in many demanding training, simulation, and research applications around the world.  NVIS products are designed to make VR technology widespread and accessible, and incorporate wide field-of-view optics and high-resolution microdisplays while maintaining ergonomically designed displays optimised for comfort and ease-of-use.

NVIS supports a network of developers, resellers, and system integrators of professional training and simulation applications that require unsurpassed visual performance and the support of a dedicated partner that can be attentive to the unique requirements and specifications.  NVIS aims to provide customers with immersive display solutions that offer uncompromising visual acuity, consistent reliability, competitive prices, and a relentless commitment to customer support.  Their product line includes head-mounted displays, virtual binoculars, and custom embedded displays used in advanced vehicle and weapons simulators.



Product / Service Offerings:

NVIS operates through authorized resellers and also maintains an outlet store for deep-discount pricing on inventory.  Products include:

  • NVISOR ST50: The nVisor ST50 offers high-fidelity virtual and augmented reality developers and users a head-mounted display with unprecedented performance for a very affordable price. The nVisor ST50 was designed for the US Army’s Research and Development Engineering Command (RDECOM) to support virtual dismounted soldier training programs.
  • NVISOR MH60: The nVisor MH60 helmet compatible display features a compact optical design with eyeglass compatible eye-relief and a large exit pupil for minimal adjustments across a wide range of users.
  • NVISOR SX111: The nVisor SX111 is an immersive display with a total viewing area covering 102° horizontal by 64° vertical, with 111 degrees across the diagonal
  • VIRTUAL BINOCULAR SV: The Virtual Binocular SV (VBSV) hand-held display is designed for cost-sensitive, professional training and simulation applications.
  • VIRTUAL BINOCULAR RANGER 35/47: The NVIS VB Ranger 47 Virtual Binocular is a hand-held display designed for professional training and simulation applications.

Competitors: Osterhout Design Group, Cinoptics, DAQRI, Six15 Technologies, Vuzix