Augmented Reality Glasses and Development Platform.
End Market(s):  All End Markets

Company Type:  Enterprise Platform Developer

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Summary:  Meta, founded in 2012, develops advanced augmented reality glasses and associated software development kits that will allow people to collaborate with 3D holographic interfaces.

Meta Founder & CEO, Meron Gribetz, was featured on Forbes’ ’30 Under 30′ list and the company’s Chief Scientist is Professor Steve Mann, one of the inventors of wearable computing. Additionally, the company’s Director of User Interface, Jayse Hansen, designed the UIs in Iron Man 1 and 3, Ender’s Game, and The Hunger Games.



Product / Service Offerings:

Meta 1 Developer Kit – augmented reality glasses and a software development kit that enables the creation of programs that utilize fully interactive 3D holograms.

The Meta 1 allows for the convergence of physical and holographic worlds through its 3D stereoscopic display in real size, depth, and parallax. The platform’s low-latency 360-degree tracking allow holographs to stay anchored to physical tables, floors, and walls. The platform allows users to grab, pinch, and touch 3D objects in the real world and, further, to drive a touch-based holographic user interface.

The Meta SDK is designed to let you develop your concepts and ideas into working applications as quickly and efficiently as possible. Built on top of the Unity Engine, the SDK has full support for hand gestures, marker-based and markerless surface tracking, imported graphics, 3D models, C# scripting, C++ plugins and much more.

As of January 2016, Meta 1 Developer Kits are available through the company’s Pioneers program. Pioneers apply and, if accepted, attend an intensive workshop to start building apps with the Meta SDK.

Qualifications to apply to the Pioneers program include being a Unity or 3D developer, AR or VR developer, or a UI / UX designer.

Meto Pro – an alternative version of the Meta 1, with a more fashion-oriented aesthetic

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Competitors: Atheer, Osterhout Design GroupSix15 Technologies, Vuzix