Marxent Labs

Product Visualization for Sales and Marketing through VR and AR Application Development.
End Market(s):  Energy and Industrials, Marketing & Commerce

Company Type:  Enterprise Platform Developer

Summary:  Marxent Labs creates the Virtual Products Platform™ SaaS, a fully-featured 3D virtual reality design studio and showroom.  The product visualization platform gets large-scale and semi-custom products into the hands of prospective customers, and aims to reduce costs, complications and physical limitations of tangible samples. Additionally, Marxent’s Visual Commerce™ enables virtual 3D product visualization, customization and configuration demos that aim to enhance the sales experience.

Marxent also provides a pilot program, that allows enterprise users test product content efficiency and, if validated, scale the VR/AR content to their entire inventory. Other platform applications include sales demos, events, service and ecommerce. Publication options include custom branded apps (white label) or integration into an existing mobile app (SDK).
Marxent Labs was founded in 2011 by Beck and Barry Besecker, with initial funding from Detroit Venture Partners, initially making Augmented Reality applications for enhanced shopping experiences, such as the Moosejaw X-Ray App. The company since has increased their product suite to other applications, as well as their SaaS Virtual Products Platform.



  • To date, Marxent has raised $3.7mm in 5 rounds from Venture backing.  Detroit Venture Partners has given $3.3mm, with an additional $400k raised as seed funding.

Product / Service Offerings:

VisualCommerce Platform: Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, VisualCommerce™ enables virtual 3D product visualization, customization and configuration demos that create an emotional, connected sales experience.  VisualCommerce™ enables efficient, scalable upload and distribution of 3D media files with the .VC file extension. Assets using .VC are cross-platform compatible. A single .VC 3D asset bundle is iOS, Android and HMD/Samsung GearVR ready. Also, VisualCommerce™ Snapshot™ captures 3D data from the real world so that shoppers can configure complex products within a relevant context. The user places an image target in their physical environment, (e.g., on their kitchen countertop) and taps a button to capture a snapshot of the scene (e.g., their kitchen).  As the image is captured, detailed environmental information such as  perspective and scale are automatically detected. 3D Composer tools are used to add, move, and configure rotate products in 3D perspective within the captured scene.


Competitors: Blippar, Aurasma, Catchoom

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