High Fidelity

Builder of open source software enabling shared virtual reality.
End Market(s):  Media & Entertainment, Marketing & Commerce

Company Type:  Enterprise Platform Developers

Summary:  High Fidelity is an open source software enabling shared virtual reality. Using this software, users can deploy a virtual reality server (using ‘Stack Manager’) on any PC or server that can be then accessed by anyone from anywhere using High Fidelity’s open source client (called ‘Interface’). Users can use the client on a regular PC or with HMD’s and/or hand controllers, and can upload content from many standard formats. Users can also hyperlink virtual spaces to other spaces, or browse a directory of public servers.

In addition, High Fidelity’s Marketplace allows users to upload content the creator wishes to be made freely available to other High Fidelity users. Anything posted to the High Fidelity marketplace is reviewed before it is available to others to protect against unauthorized copying and distribution.  Currently, everything in the Marketplace is free, as there is no established ownership or permission tags, or a payment mechanism.
High Fidelity allows users to transform common tools into interactive experiences, and uses shared processing power to scale to mass audiences.



  • Backing by True Ventures, Vulcan Capital, Kapor Capital, Google Ventures, Linden Lab, HTC.
  • $2.4mm funding round in 2013, let by True Ventures and Google Ventures.

Product / Service Offerings:

High Fidelity Marketplace

Competitors: Magic Leap, EON Reality

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