The Moverio Augmented Reality Glasses Platform built for Enterprise & Industrial Markets.
End Market(s):  Energy & Industrials, General Business ServicesDefense & Security, HealthcareMedia

Company Type:  Platform Developer

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Epson Moverio delivers a sophisticated augmented reality glasses platform that is engineered for enterprise end users. The company delivers powerful hardware, a dedicated developer program, and support for third party augmented reality program development software.



  • Parent company is Seiko Epson Corporation, a publicly-traded Japanese electronics conglomerate

Product / Service Offerings:

Moverio BT-200 – an augmented reality glasses system that is designed with enterprise and power end users in mind. The Moverio glasses are powered by Android and allow for easy integration of third party hardware and software. In addition to the standard Android Software Development Kit, a number of premier partners have developed SDKs specifically for MOVERIO, including Augmenta and Wikitude. Finally, the platform has United 3D support to enable programmers of varying skill levels to develop augmented reality apps for the platform.

Software developers can list their apps for purchase in the Moverio app store. Epson has a development program in place for people who specifically would like to create apps for Moverio.

The Moverio glasses feature a fully transparent display, a removable prescription lens insert, motion sensors to capture head movement, a front facing camera to enable augmented reality, a dual-screen for 3D display and augmented reality applications, and an ultra-compact, ultra-high resolution full-color LCD.

The glasses come with a separate control unit that features additional motion sensors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, a Micro SD slot for extended storage, a textured touchpad, up to six hours of battery life, and an Android OS.

The glasses and its associated controller allow for an immersive augmented reality experience with in-app functionality and innovative motion-based UI controls.

Customers:  Epson’s Moverio products can be used across end markets, with versions of the product built to be optimized for enterprise end users.

Competitors: Atheer, Cinoptics, MetaSix15 Technologies, Vuzix