EON Reality

Developer of Virtual and Augmented Reality Platforms Focused on Knowledge Transfer in Industry, Education, and Edutainment.
End Market(s):  Media & Entertainment, Education & Training, Business Services, Healthcare, Defense & Security, Marketing & Commerce

Company Type:  Enterprise Platform Developer

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  EON Reality develops Virtual and Augmented Reality products with an aim for knowledge transfer and training across industries.  They have created multiple tools for content creation, multi-user collaboration, and advanced development, as well as an extensive AR/VR library of applications.  These applications target traditional Enterprise (Aerospace & Defense, Energy, Healthcare, and Consumer & Retail) as well as Education. Edutainment, and Sports.

Additionally, EON Reality provides Personal, Group and Immersive systems aimed at dispersing user-created VR/AR applications to audiences of any size.  Examples include a VR desktop solution (Personal), a Holopodium for public speaking (Group), and the EON Icube, a PC-based, indoor Immersive VR tool.
EON Reality was founded in 1999, and currently operates with multiple joint ventures including EonVision, EON Sports, EON Reality TTR and EON Reality KSA.  In addition to offices globally, EON Reality operates Interactive Digital Centers that provide education and training in Virtual Reality and interactive 3D technologies. These centers provide access to equipment, a development lab, and a virtual 3D learning platform, as well as the EON Innovation Program, an entrepreneurship program meant to support VR/AR idea development and leverage EON’s network to bring them to market.



Product / Service Offerings:

Platform Library and Tools
Developed Applications
Personal, Group, Immersive Systems
Interactive Digital Centers

Customers: EON Reality Partners

Competitors: Virtalis,