DeepStream VR

DeepStream VR creates Virtual Worlds to Help Relieve Pain
End Market(s): Healthcare

Company Type:  Enterprise Platform Developer

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Summary:  DeepStream VR are seasoned experts on what makes virtual reality enjoyable, comfortable and helpful for pain.  Their know-how comes from a decade of work and collaborations with the teams of scientists who pioneered VR pain relief.

DeepStream uses games to simulate therapeutic environments.  One of these games, COOL!, helps engage and relax mind and body, so patients can tune into the action and tune out their pain. COOL! is available today for healthcare professionals as an elective way to help provide pain relief for medical procedures.

DeepStream also provides a practical and affordable system for medical professionals, which include:

  • VR Display: A wearable VR display (HMD), or a light and portable unit that mounts to a user’s desktop, like the DS3D Viewer.
  • Computer: DeepStream works closely with their expert computer partner, AVA Direct, to curate the best VR laptops and compact desktops at the best price around.
  • Wearable Biosensors: Their games give the option to hook in signals like heart rate, and let the heart control your experience.



  • DeepStream VR was a part of the Rothenberg Ventures River Accelerator, receiving $100,000 in seed funding as well as access to an industry network, office space in San Francisco, and veteran mentorship.

Product / Service Offerings:

DeepStream VR Products:  Their pain reduction game COOL!, as well as their all-in-one system with Headset, PC, and Wearable Biosensors.


Competitors: Psious