Manufacturer of DAQRI Smart Helmet, an Augmented Reality Device Built for Enterprise and Industrial Environments.
End Market(s):  Education and Training, Energy and Industrials, General Business Services & Productivity

Company Type: Enterprise Platform Developer

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Summary:  DAQRI is the maker of the DAQRI Smart Helmet™, an augmented reality device that connects workers to their industrial environment, providing contextually relevant engineering information.  The Smart Helmet™also pairs with in-house native AR technology aiding with visual inertial navigation, 2D and 3D recognition and tracking, and image matching, as well as the 4D Studio where users can build custom work packages and publish them to the Smart Helmet™.  The DAQRI Intellitrack™ system is meant to solve the problem of localization, determining where you are in space without the use of GPS or WiFi.

Via acquisition DAQRI now manufactures the Melon, an activity monitor that listens to neural electrical activity and connects wirelessly to smart devices to track and train focus, as well as related behaviors.  Also via acquisition of AR Toolworks, DAQRI maintains an ARToolkit™,  an open-source cross-platform SDK for developers to create AR applications for all major platforms.

DAQRI was founded in 2010 and entered the market in February 2011 by releasing an augmented reality publishing platform designed to superimpose an image or video over a smartphone’s camera after scanning a QR Code.  Daqri subsequently created content and applications for 4D augmented reality technology for entertainment, education and industrial companies.


Investors: $15 millionSeries A from Tarsadia Investments 

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Competitors: Osterhout Design Group, Atheer, Epson, Vuzix