Defines, Designs and Manufactures Electronic Optic Systems for Integration in Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications.
End Market(s):  Energy and Industrials, Healthcare, Defense and Security

Company Type:  Platform Developers

Summary:  Cinoptics defines, designs and manufactures electronic optical systems for integration in Virtual and Augmented Reality applications.  They specialize in producing high-end Head/Helmet Mounted Displays, Handheld, Virtual Binoculars & Virtual Microscopes with a flexible electronics platform and high quality industry optics. In addition to our off the shelf (OTS) products, Cinoptics provides “building blocks” that enables customers to create their own products through the company’s OEM Development program.

Cinoptics services the Medical, AviationDefense, and General Industry sectors.  Cinoptics Medical collaborates with various technical universities and academic hospitals on the development of medical products, seeking practical solutions for health care specialists and medical researchers.  Cinoptics Aviation creates flight simulations for various types of aircraft and helicopters via a new generation Head-Mounted Display, working in collaboration with various Aerospace organizations.  Cinoptics Defense provides full-service, lightweight products, including Head Mounted hardware, Infantry Wearable solutions, and Hand Held devices, many of which include tracking integration, customization, and system implementation. Cinoptics Defence has extensive and proven experience in Near to Eye display solutions for the military industry. Cinoptics Industry supports various aspects of the industrial environment, including design & development, maintenance & manufacturing, order picking & production tests.

In 1997, Cinoptics was founded under the name Cybermind Interactive Nederland. The company soon became the leading distributor in Europe of virtual reality equipment. Besides the sale of third party products, Cybermind then started developing in-house technology.  Today, Cybermind has evolved and wants to further expand its capabilities. In order to portray the focus in high quality optronics, a new identity has been developed: Cinoptics.



Product / Service Offerings:

HMD Products
Cinoptics Medical
Cineoptics Aviation
Cineoptics Defense
Cineoptics Industry


Competitors: DAQRI, Mindmaze, NVIS