Application Software that uses Augmented Reality to Connect the Digital and Physical World.
End Market(s): Marketing & Commerce, Media & Entertainment

Company Type:  Software Developer

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary: Zappar is an application that can see and recognize images and objects in the world.  Similar to QR codes, users can scan Zapcodes using the Zappar app to unlock digital content.  Zapcodes can appear on just about anything; delivering video, audio, 3D animation, photos, games, links and other fun to your mobile device.  Users can even build and share their own Zapcodes using the Zapcode Creator.  Users can personalize gifts, add an extra dimension to products or photos, or turn everyday objects into a high-tech, digital media content delivery system.

Zapcodes are designed to deliver the most content-rich, robust, fun-to-use and scalable AR platform on the planet.  Zapcodes are a call to action, a code, and an AR marker combined; informing users that something is AR enabled, then guaranteeing the right content stream is delivered to them in a dynamic and entertaining way.  Zapcodes work in conjunction with target images, or indeed entirely on their own to turn products, advertising and events into multi-media experiences serving video, audio, photos, polls, promotions, 3D models and other interactions.

With businesses, Zappar shares with clients up-front production costs for the augmentation (recoupable on sales) with a percentage royalty on sales achieved. The aim is to share risk and reward with their partners.  Originally developed at the University of Cambridge, Zappar has worked with partners such as BBC Radio 1, Universal, Coca-Cola, and SC Johnson.



Product / Service Offerings:

Zapcode Creator:  The Zapcode Creator makes the whole process of creating amazing interactive AR content super simple – drag & drop photos and videos and have a published zapcode experience ready to zap in minutes. Also, use their Widget Editor for almost-instant AR or build completely customized interactive scenes using the Pro Editor.

Zappar Studio:  Lets users build immersive “snackable” 3D experiences for mobile supporting Augmented Reality out of the box.  The Studio uses Javascript to build intricate experiences, building fully immersive gyroscope-oriented environments, integrated 3D models, fully hosted support, and harnesses Zappar’s image tracking and AR platform.

Customers:  Zappar Showcases various examples of client engagements that have used the Zapcode Creator.

Competitors: Blippar, Catchoom Technologies, Quiver, ViewAR