Wearable Intelligence

Collaboration Software Built for Companies to Make Working Across Teams More Efficient.
End Market(s):  Energy and Industrials, Healthcare

Company Type:  Software Developer

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Wearable Intelligence delivers a productivity solution that helps teams communicate, complete workflows, and capture field data. Experts can assist works remotely and managers get real-time analytics and detailed reports.

All procedures, manuals, and team members needed for a successful job are reachable instantly on any device.

Wearable Intelligence is a member of Google’s Glass for Work program.



Product / Service Offerings:

Director – a collaboration app for industrial teams. Director transforms any business process into a guided procedure and push-button distributes it to any device. Users can create & edit procedures from any modern web browser.

It works on Android and iOS devices and is compatible with Google Glass and Osterhout Design Group‘s smart glasses products.

The app allows teams to complete workflows and capture field data digitally. Experts can monitor and assist remotely, and managers get real-time analytics and detailed reports. Further, it provides secure, real-time multimedia chat to connect teams with experts, supervisors, and even members of a company’s supply chain.

Director integrates with existing ERP and legacy systems, including SAP and IBM Maximo.

Customers:  Wearable Intelligence is used by a number of large, global energy and industrial companies, including FMC Technologies and Schlumberger.

Competitors: Augmensys, APX Labs, Interapt, PristineUbimax, Vital Enterprises