Global Provider of 3D Visualization Apps for use in Mobile Business Solutions.
End Market(s):  Marketing & CommerceEducation & Training, Business Services

Company Type:  Software Developer & SDK Providers

Summary:  ViewAR is a leading global provider of 3D visualization apps for use in mobile business solutions.  The ViewAR System enables every custom visualization app built to drive deeper customer engagements and to deliver faster purchasing decisions.  ViewAR creates custom applications for architects, construction companies, interior designers and more.  ViewAR builds custom AR solutions for businesses that help them communicate with real-world customers.  The applications lead customers through a creative process of engagement, selection, decision, and conversion.  ViewAR’s client engagement process is three-step in nature: Solution Assessment, Project Execution,  and Upkeep/Updates.

In addition, ViewAR’s SDK offers users the ability to create custom tailored augmented reality applications in a cost and time-efficient way. The functionality allows for tracking system and gadget support, multi-platform support, and automated model upload and integration pipeline.

ViewAR remains privately owned and operated, with nearly 20 apps in production and a dozen fully dedicated team members.



Product / Service Offerings:

ViewAR App Showcases:  Apps designed and built to meet specific business objectives.  ViewAR applies the most advanced AR/VR visualization technologies to deliver product and design views in 3D, thereby allowing quicker purchasing decisions.

ViewAR SDK:  ViewAR SDK allows users the ability to create custom-tailored AR applications in a cost and time-efficient way.

Customers:  ViewAR works with a variety of Technology, Agency, and Research Partners

Competitors: Blippar, Augmenta, Cimagine Media, SAP, IrisVR, Total Immersion

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