VR live streaming and VOD content Platform
End Market(s): Media & Entertainment

Company Type:  Enterprise Software Company

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Using cutting edge technology and industry leading practices, offers event professionals the opportunity to utilize VR to provide fans a visceral, immersive experience that makes live events accessible to everyone, from anywhere on the planet.



Product / Service Offerings: offers artists and performers a no-cost way to unlock new revenue by providing fans with great emotional VR experiences. Full length VR events, VR ticketing with headsets for fans, and the ability to market with other merchandise at events, all with a favorable revenue share. allows users to easily create additional relevant experience and product offerings for their events, with potential to unlock significant revenue. empowers users to create their own VR content: VR Live Streaming in exclusive or public areas and VOD content accessible to fans anytime and anywhere.

It offers high brand exposure through its platform of VR ticket activation, co-branded headsets, and VR social sharing and communication features. wants to support experienced productions teams in creating visceral VR live event content by leveraging the company’s proven proprietary workflows and VR rendering technology.

Customers: aims to serve brands and artists that seek new, revenue generating, ways to interact with fans.