Total Immersion

Commercial Augmented Reality Platform that Integrates Real Time Interactive 3D Graphics into a Live Video Stream for use in Retail and Related Applications.
End Market(s):  Marketing and Commerce

Company Type:  Software Developer

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Total Immersion offers a platform for use in virtual try-on and augmented reality solutions for e-commerce, mobile, commerce, retail, and brand marketing.



As of January 2016, Total Immersion has raised $11.22 million in venture capital funding

Product / Service Offerings:

TryLive Solutions – a next generation of 3D product visualization and virtual try-on solutions for the retail and e-commerce sectors. TryLive builds on Total Immersion’s 10+ years of augmented reality leadership and enables enhanced and social shopping experiences both at home, in store and on the go.

TryLive makes the virtual dressing room, or virtual trial room, a reality. Using a camera-equipped computer, tablet or smartphone, shoppers obtain an accurate view of how eyewear, apparel, jewelry and watches will look and fit or how furniture, decor, and other products will fit in at home.

Its solutions include virtual try on solutions for glasses, 3D home visualization tools for seeing what furniture and home decor goods would look like in the home, and a virtual jewelry try on solution.

TryLive Retail B to B Sales Tools – specifically designed for the sales force in the field, TryLive Retail includes all your sales collaterals, latest promotions and an Augmented Reality module to showcase products on-site, all in an elegant tablet application.

A user of the software can go into a store, identify a white space, and place a market on the floor of the location. Then, the user points a tablet’s camera at the marker and the software will show an image of a product(s) in that space to give a sense for what the product(s) would look like in the environment. This can be used as a B2B sales tool for getting products placed in specific locations at a retailer.

AR for Events – Total Immersion develops custom augmented reality solutions for corporate clients, including a custom sales tool for Lavazza’s sales force, virtual product visualization for Volkswagen, and a complimentary AR experience for a Dior marketing campaign.

Total Immersion describes further use cases for augmented reality, including facilitating education and training, marketing and branding, and service of industrial maintenance.

Customers:  Total Immersion’s software solutions are used by a variety of retail and branded consumer product companies, including, but not limited to, Ray-Ban, ebay, Mister Spex, Kia Motors, Hallmark, Olympus, and Topps.

Competitors: Cimagine