VR Technology for use in Treating Anxiety Disorders.
End Market(s):  Healthcare

Company Type:  Software Developer

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Summary:  A VR software and platform for providing effective therapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders.



  • As of January 2016, Psious is a part of Rothenberg Ventures’ portfolio.

Product / Service Offerings:

Psious offers a subscription based service for therapists and related providers to treat patients with anxiety disorders. Disorders that can be treated with Psious include specific phobias, generalized anxiety, and aid in relaxation, among others. It is meant as a tool to complement traditional therapy techniques.

It provides a complete solution for treating anxiety. The platform offers hyperrealistic virtual envrionments and resources based on other immersive technologies such as 3D and 360 degree videos. Each scenario provided in the software is designed, supervised, and tested by psychologists to ensure its functionality and robustness in the context of exposure therapy.

Psious works with a VR kit, which includes consumer-focused VR platforms already on the market such as Samsung’s Gear VR. It also provides the Psious Platform, which allows a therapist to gradually increase or decrease exposure based on patient needs, as well as a Biofeedback tool that monitors the patient’s psysiological variables for better awareness of changes in their anxiety level.

Psious is easy to use and does not require professional installation or technical expertise. It works with smartphones and 3D goggles, so there is no need for costly equipment investments. Psious was built as a complementary toolsuite to help professionals better manage the difficulties presented by exposure therapy.

Customers: Psious is developed for use by therapists and psychologists to aid in exposure therapy.

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