Augmented Reality and Interactive 3D Content Software for Industrial Companies.
End Market(s):  Energy and Industrials, Business Services & Logistics, Defense & Security

Company Type:  Software Developer

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Summary:  NGRAIN’s mission is to help businesses make better decisions faster through interaction with the world’s data in 3D. Through augmented reality, virtual reality, and large-scale 3D visualization, NGRAIN products and technology enable enterprises to empower specialists in the field to make decisions on-the-spot, maximize operational uptime of their industrial assets, and eliminate costly mistakes.


  • David Sutin – CEO
  • Jenn Smyth-Whelly – Vice President & General Manager — LinkedIn Profile
  • Barry Po – Senior Director of Product & Business Development — LinkedIn Profile


Product / Service Offerings:

NGRAIN Vergence lets users import 3D content from virtually any source and link it to data of all kinda, including part specifications, inventory information, images, videos, instructional content, and more. The content can be deployed directly to NGRAIN Iris, which is available for free download to the Apple iPad, other tablets, mobile devices, smart glasses, PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents in the field with just a single click.

Key benefits of NGRAIN Vergence include:

  • The ability to leverage your existing 3D content. Content can be brought into NGRAIN Vergence from virtually every major 3D format in use today, including MAX, Maya, Inventor, CATIA, Creo, and SolidWorks.
  • Once content has been authored with NGRAIN Vergence, it can be deployed for use in the field on laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and wearable smart glasses as well as PDFs, Powerpoint documents, Microsoft Word documents, and web-based instructional courseware.
  • The NGRAIN format is incredibly efficient, achieving compression rates of up to 98% when compared to the original source content, without loss of detail. 3D content can be sourced that would otherwise be too large to be deployed for use in the field.
  • Once created with NGRAIN Vergence, content can be deployed to as many devices or users in your organization as you see fit. No additional fees or costs for deployment.

Key features of NGRAIN Vergence include, but are not limited to:

  • 3D models authored with NGRAIN Vergence can be made up of thousands of individual parts simultaneously, down to the last individual screw, nut, or bolt in an assembly. Each part can be intereacted with individually.
  • Every part in the created content can be linked to an unlimited number of data sources, including media such as audio, videos, images, documents, and live feeds.
  • Sophisticated keyframe animations that show equipment in action can be made easily and populate virtual and augmented reality experiences seamlessly.
  • Users can develop animated step-by-step instructions that show specialists in the field not just what tasks need to be done, but also how they should be done
  • Interactive cut-aways and cross-sections .
  • The software supports SCORM-compliant 3D content, which can be used to link and re-use NGRAIN content within instructional learning and management systems.
  • 3D models can be visualized as fully-detailed solids, as schematic line drawings, or even as interactive x-ray diagrams.
  • With a single click, content can be deployed straight out for use with NGRAIN Iris as augmented reality or interactive 3D experiences in the field.

NGRAIN SDK – The NGRAIN SDK lets users build powerful custom augmented reality and interactive 3D applications for the most challenging business needs.

NGRAIN is capable of visualizing massive amounts of data in mobile, wearable, desktop, and immersive virtual environments. Only NGRAIN uses voxels, or 3D pixels akin to digital grains of sand, to represent 3D objects in augmented and virtual reality. Unlike conventional polygonal graphics, NGRAIN visualizes more than just the surfaces of objects; NGRAIN can also visualize what’s inside them in full detail giving you direct access to unlimited attributes for every point in space.

Key Features of the NGRAIN SDK include, but are not limited to:

  • 3D objects can be made of billions of voxels (which serve as discrete data points) rendered in full detail at HD or higher resolutions.
  • The NGRAIN engine has full support for 3D stereo and head-tracked environments, enabling dynamic virtual reality applications, as well as composite rendering for mobile devices, tablets, and wearable smart glasses.
  • Each voxel that makes up 3D content can contain an unlimited number of attributes, such as temperature, colour, or material properties, which can be used to enable dynamic simulations and interactive behaviours in your applications.
  • 3D models can have varying levels of detail assigned to individual parts. For example, one part of a large assembly could be represented at a very high resolution relative to other parts, reflecting its importance to your users and your application.
  • The NGRAIN SDK provides bindings for development in C++ or .NET, enabling you to get application development underway quickly and efficiently.

NGRAIN’s software products are sold through a subscription pricing model.

Customers:  NGRAIN provides powerful applications for industrial needs. Use cases include visual inspection and damage assessments, field performance and operational support, manufacturing analytics and real-time guidance, and more. NGRAIN is used by Fortune 500 companies across the world, including companies like Lockheed Martin who uses it for maintenance, repair, and sustainment activities for the F-35 and F-22 fighter programs.

Competitors: Augmensys, APX Labs, Pristine, Ubimax, Vital Enterprises