Solutions that Enrich Customer and Employee Engagement, Solve Operational Challenges, and Secure New Opportunities Across a Wide Variety of Industries.
End Market(s): Defense & Security, Healthcare, Education & Training

Company Type:  Software Developer

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Interapt creates technology-enabled solutions for the enterprise, including solutions for wearable technology such as Google Glass.

Interapt is a member of Google’s Glass for Work program.



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Product / Service Offerings:

Wearables Solutions – Interapt builds custom smart device solutions for customers across various industries. It is a Google Glass certified partner and can build programs specifically for Glass, including:

Google Glass Training – Interapt-built training programs for Google Glass reduce operational costs and decrease over all training time.

Google Glass Streaming – allows for real time collaboration at any time from anywhere. Enables on-the-ground workers to interact with offsite experts to quickly and easily provide seamless help to staff, patients, consumers, or clients.

Customers: Interapt works with companies across a variety of industries, including fast food, government, healthcare, and more.

Competitors: APX LabsAugmensys, Pristine, Ubimax, Vital Enterprises