Hewlett Packard Aurasma

Developer of Augmented Reality platform that transforms everyday objects into an interactive experience.
End Market(s):  Marketing & Commerce, Business Services, Media & Entertainment, Education & Training

Company Type:  Software Developer, SDK Providers

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Hewlett Packard Aurasma is an Augmented Reality platform that uses image recognition and geolocation software to recognize real world images and then overlay media on top of them in the form of animations, videos, 3D models and web pages.  Aurasma also has a platform wherein users can use a simple drag-and-drop user interface to create, manage, and track AR content.  Additionally, using their SDK, Aurasma works with companies to develop digital marketing campaigns to further their brand.  These campaigns utilize interactive AR experiences, and users can follow that content, similar to Twitter.

Aurasma touts their simple UI as a way of attracting ‘anyone with an email address’ to create an ‘Aura’, or interactive AR content.  The interface is simple enough that Auras can be created in as little as 1 minute’s time, and is available both as a SDK or as a free app for iOs and Android mobile devices.  In addition to the UI, Aurasma provides real-time campaign information through their analytics dashboard.
Aurasma’s AR technology was founded out of technology from Cambridge University by Autonomy, and was included when Hewlett Packard acquired Autonomy in 2011.  It has since become HP’s Augmented Reality platform.



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Aurasma: Getting Started

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Competitors: Blippar, Cubicle Ninjas