Publishing Platform for Next Generation Guided Tours on Smart Glasses and other Mobile Devices.
End Market(s):  Education & Training

Company Type:  Software Developer

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  GuidiGO partners with museums and cultural institutions to create compelling, Google Glass-enabled storytelling experiences.

GuidiGO enables the creation of custom augmented reality enhanced tours of museums and other cultural institutions.

It also has potential applications for education. Particularly as a means of using storytelling and game playing elements in the classroom to improve learning for the next generation.

GuidiGO is a member of Google’s Glass for Work program.



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Product / Service Offerings:

GuidiGO provides an intuitive platform that enables museums and other institutions to create customized and interactive tours for their visitors. With no technical skills needed beyond the ability to send an email, GuidiGO’s users can create immersive tours to tell their visitors amazing stories.

GuidiGO allows for a number of options, from simple audio tours, to interactive game-enabled tours, to augmented reality tours that take advantage of technology like Google Glass.

The platform is SAAS-based, so customers pay a monthly subscription fee to access the service, with more in-depth and expansive features available for a higher monthly rate.

GuidiGO Education – GuidiGO’s software can be used in a classroom environment by using it to drive project-based, digital learning experiences.

Customers:  GuidiGO works with a number of Museum and Cultural Institution clients across Europe.

As of January 2016, it is primarily used in western Europe, Canada, Argentina, and San Francisco.