A Supply-Chain Management Solutions Provider on Driving Innovation through Augmented Reality and Wearable Devices.
End Market(s):  Energy and Industrial, Business Services

Company Type:  Software Developer

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Summary: GetVu is a solutions provider on a mission to drive innovation through the rapidly emerging technologies of augmented reality and wearable devices.  Their initial solutions focus will streamline supply chain management processes offering more accessibility to real-time data, optimized workflow efficiencies, and improved automation to manual labor processes.

Using smart glasses, Getvu enables the work force to reduce their manual work and increase productivity using gestures and voice control.  Their augmented reality technology allows the work force to view the inventory data over a virtual screen through the smart glass, which enables easy access to required information.  The complete ‘pick and pack’ process in warehouse management is automated through smart glasses and synchronized with the cloud.  With the help of the tracking system employed by the smart glass all the inventory goods can be tracked in real time and can be traced from any location.

GetVU features include centralized cloud storage, sophisticated data analytics, API integration, and faster deployment.  GetVU technology is developed for the Android platform.



  • $25,000 seed funding from SOSV and LEAP AXLR8R

Product / Service Offerings:

Competitors: Augmensys, Vital Enterprises, APX Labs, UbiMax, Interapt, NGrain, Evolar-Smartpick, Essert GmbH