Visual Search Engine Developer
End Market(s): Marketing & Commerce, General Business Services & Logistics

Company Type:  Enterprise Software Developer

Coverage & Analysis from the Information Feed:

Summary:  Fringefy develops a visual search engine that helps people discover local content and services in the outdoor, urban environment. While conventional local search is query or proximity based, Fringefy browses content by using a person’s prime sense – vision. They do that by extending the context awareness of mobile and wearable devices to understand what exactly the user is looking at.  They provide an intuitive and super fast answer to “What’s that?”

The Fringefy team is built of computer visionaries, machine learning smarties and mobile application race drivers. They are out to visually recognize and annotate the world so people can publish and consume local content and services the way they naturally interact with their environment – through vision.  Fringefy recently released an Android SDK and will be releasing an iOS SDK soon, and is actively looking to partner with companies who are interested in integrating Fringefy’s technology into their products.



  • Fringefy received venture funding in March 2015 from Microsoft Ventures, for an undisclosed amount.
  • It was also reported that incubator Super Ventures has invested in Fringefy, for an undisclosed amount.

Product / Service Offerings:

Fringefy Travel — Without having to define exactly what you’re looking for, browse restaurants, shops and other points of interest on the go. Just point and discover.

Fringefy Real Estate —  Link to major databases of housing listings without having to enter address or location specifications. Just point and discover.

Fringefy Social — Communicate, share location and consume location based social media from major networks. Just point and discover.


Competitors: Blippar, Catchoom Technologies, Zappar,