Essert GmbH

Industrial Augmented Automation Solutions.
End Market(s):  Energy and Industrials

Company Type:  Software Developer

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Summary:  Comprehensive solutions for industrial innovation. Solutions include augmented automation, control systems, and intelligent robotics. The company provides software and solutions for both mobile HMIs and industrial AR applications. Mobile HMIs provide business and visual intelligence for manufacturing, industrial, building, and energy applications.


  • Christopher Essert – CEO — LinkedIn Profile
  • Marcel Kiwus – General Manager
  • Christian Morgenthaler – Head of Software Development

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Product / Service Offerings:

Augmented Automation – industrial automation solutions that utlizie smart glasses, tablets, and a company-supplied augmented management device.

Smart Glasses – using industrial smart glasses as well as intelligently designed software, Essert makes it possible for a user to communicate bidirectionally with a designated support specialist securely and swiftly, supported by simultaneous access to live system data.

The smart glasses solution allows for hands-free remote support through VPN access to live system data and access to screenshots, pictures, and data sheets, training on the job, and a remote support portal.

As of January 2016, Essert has partnered with Vuzix to deliver its smart glasses solutions.

Industrial Tablet HMI – Essert’s Industrial Tablet HMI solution is an answer to Industry 4.0. It provides decentralized system controls with a tablet which is certified for industry use. The Tablet HMI can also be used in hazardous locations. Essert’s open system allows users to implement any run time a user sees fit and allows for use of the tablet as a visualization tool. Additional information like data sheets or circuit diagrams can be easily accessed and displayed on the tablet.

Having accessible interfaces also allows for the integration of local servicing modules and troubleshooting agents and allows for users to perform remote support and documentation using the device’s camera.

Augmented Management Device (AMD) – the AMD forms the heart of the Essert Augmented Automation System. It has been developed by us for the purpose of a simple and manageable integration into existing Essert systems. It has multivendor-capabilities and modularity.

No additional components are needed to integrate a tablet HMI or Smart Glasses into a preexisting or planned system.

The AMD is essentially comprised of three inner components, which can be modularly complemented depending on configuration or stage of extension.

Customers: The company works with a number of industrial and related customers to help with their manufacturing and automation needs, including BASF, Coca Cola, P&G, Daimler, Siemens, and more.

Competitors: Augmensys, APX Labs, NGRAINPristine, Ubimax, Vital Enterprises