Envelop VR

Creator of Enterprise and Productivity Software that Leverages the VR Experience.
End Market(s): General Business Services and Logistics

Company Type:  Enterprise Software Developer

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Summary:  Envelop is a software developer that is currently focused on creating enterprise and productivity software that takes advantage of the strengths of VR, producing experiences that are simply impossible in other mediums, all while making it easier to create those experiences.

Through its software, Envelop enables a user to have an infinite number of monitors at one time –all while that user is “enveloped” within a headset. It alleviates the need for multiple physical monitors and allows quick access to organize data from many sources.  In addition, database information can now be visually represented as an interactive 3D object, person or place in an immersive computing world. Viewable from every angle, the data becomes clearer and crisp, easier to understand and digest.

Envelop also allows developers to create content while immersed in the VR environment, and have run-time and coding consoles co-exist, drastically increasing productivity and the quality of content.  In the field of commerce, Envelop’s software allows sellers to inject 3D product models into their web site. And consumers can view and manipulate a product from every angle, helping them to make more informed purchasing decisions.



  • $2 million seed funding round on June 8, 2015, from Alliance of Angels, Hank Vigil, Fritz Lanman, Rudy Gadre, Shana Fisher, Howard Morgan, Geoff Entress, Sujal Patel.
  • Additional Series A funding on January 13, 2016, led by Madrona Venture Group, alongside Google Ventures and KPCB Edge.

Product / Service Offerings:

Envelop Solutions: Software solutions in the space of data analytics, software development, marketing and commerce, and real estate.


Competitors: Hewlett Packard Aurasma, Ubimax, Wearable Intelligence, NGrain