Virtual Reality Solutions for Education.
End Market(s):  Education & Training, Healthcare

Company Type:  Software Developer

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Summary:  DISCOVR sees virtual reality as the future of experiential learning. It believes that learning should be about more than just pushing test scores. It’s a process of self-development and actualization. Virtual reality will become an important part of that process, allowing people to discover their passions and learn about their interests by putting them inside of the subject matter.



Product / Service Offerings:

K12 Solutions – DISCOVR’s solutions allows teachers to increase student engagement with simple experiences that bring life to subject matter.

One example is the DISCOVR Rome program. Discovr Rome is a series of VR experiences that take users back in time to Ancient Rome at the height of the empire. Disocver the Roman forum, the Colosseum, and the Baths. With archaeological accuracy validated by veterans in the field, Discovr Rome experiences are designed to simulate Rome with more fidelity than any other like it.

Another example is the Chem Foundations program. Chem Foundations takes users to the virtual lab where they learn about the building blocks of chemistry and how they work. Chem Foundations is a short demo of the Chem foundation series available for Samsung’s Gear VR.

DISCOVR takes care of hardware implementation, software installation, and training on behalf of its customers. They ensure that their solutions are ready out of the box.  Every package is customized to a user’s needs; both the experiences that are built and the process to use them. DISCOVR is available to help with troubleshooting and upgrades.

Medical Science Suite – next-generation training for medical professionals. DISCOVR’s Medical Science suite is a series of training simulations and scientific visualizations for nurses, paramedics and other health professionals. The suite’s training simulations are practical learning modules that reenact crisis scenarios, patient dealings and other events that would otherwise be costly and tedious to put together.

There are also medical visualizations that include tours through the human body and molecular visualizations that help the student understand the science behind the practice. By using vivid and immersive visuals, students come out of the headset with a profound understanding of subject matter.

Customers:  Customers of DISCOVR’s solutions are K12 education professionals and institutions and healthcare professionals and organizations.